Blanket Orders

Release inventory when your production schedule requires.

Order When You Need It

Stage your deliveries to meet your production schedule.

We Pull & Ship Immediately

We can ship via whatever method 

meets your deadlines.

Get Your Order Fast

"On-the-shelf" inventory management means fast, on-time deliveries

and no production delays.

What You Need, When You Need It




- Immediate Deliveries

- No Production Lag Time

- Lower Per Unit Costs

While today's CNC machines are more efficient & faster than ever, the time investment involved in initial machine set-up to begin a production run is still a major cost consideration when calculating a custom machined component's total cost.


In order to reduce your per-unit cost Hunter Manufacturing encourages clients to place high-volume blanket orders for up to 12 months of usage in order to take advantage of economies of scale.


Ordering a 12-month supply of a product allows us to spread the fixed cost of machine set up over a much higher production run, greatly reducing your per-unit price.


And, since we warehouse your inventory at our location, ordering in advance has the built-in advantage of allowing us to ship parts immediately, with no production lag. Your products are "on the shelf" just waiting for you to authorize a shipment.


Please call today to find out all the details of this program. All work flow and blanket deliveries are carefully monitored and expedited using “E-2” Shop System software ERP system by Shop Tech.


What You Need

When You Need It

Lower Unit Costs

Fewer Hassles 

More Savings