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Blanket Orders

Hunter Manufacturing just-in-time ordering.

Order When You Need It

Release inventory when your production schedule requires.

Hunter Manufacturing pulls ordes from inventory to ship.

We Pull & Ship Immediately

Stage your deliveries to meet your production schedule.

Hunter Manufacturing ships your pulled inventory fast.

Get Your Order Fast

We can ship via whatever method 

meets your deadlines.

Get delivery of blanket orders quickly.

What You Need, When You Need It

"On-the-shelf" inventory management means fast, on-time deliveries

and no production delays.




- Immediate Deliveries

- No Production Lag Time

- Lower Per Unit Costs

While today's CNC machines are more efficient & faster than ever, the time investment involved in initial machine set-up to begin a production run is still a major cost consideration when calculating a custom machined component's total cost.


In order to reduce your per-unit cost Hunter Manufacturing encourages clients to place high-volume blanket orders for up to 12 months of usage in order to take advantage of economies of scale.


Ordering a 12-month supply of a product allows us to spread the fixed cost of machine set up over a much higher production run, greatly reducing your per-unit price.


And, since we warehouse your inventory at our location, ordering in advance has the built-in advantage of allowing us to ship parts immediately, with no production lag. Your products are "on the shelf" just waiting for you to authorize a shipment.


Please call today to find out all the details of this program. All work flow and blanket deliveries are carefully monitored and expedited using “E-2” Shop System software ERP system by Shop Tech.

What You Need

When You Need It

Lower Unit Costs

Fewer Hassles 

More Savings

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