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Production team at Hunter Manufacturing, Fairfield, NJ. Hunter Manufacturing, a division of UTRS Advanced Manufacturing.

If You're Wondering.... I'm The Guy Seated At The Desk, Pictured Lower Right.


But That's Really Not The Important Part Of The Story.

The Really Important Part Are The People Standing Behind Me.

Yes, my name is on the building (so I make sure things are done right and done on time) and yes, we have all the latest equipment (for you techies, see our "equipment list" page). But experience has taught me time and again doing it right, shipping it on time and making sure you - the client - is satisfied, always comes down to the same thing: the quality of the people you employ. 

The CNC machines we use are wonders of technology and marvels of engineering. They allow us to produce complicated parts out of exotic materials and complete projects in time frames that would have been impossible years ago. But, at the end of the day, they are just a tool. A tool in the hands of a skilled craftsman means you'll get what you need when you need it. A tool in the wrong hands makes expensive mistakes.

Our people are the difference: dedication, years of training and experience and a company-wide commitment to solving problems, working hard as a team and meeting client expectations.

That's The Hunter Manufacturing Way.

You have my word.

Ken Hunter


Hunter Manufacturing

Ken Hunter, Founder and President, Hunter Manufacturing, Fairfield, NJ, USA. Hunter Manufacturing, a division of UTRS Advanced Manufacturing.
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