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“Hunter Manufacturing has been producing custom slats for all 

brand-name filling machines for over 20 years, establishing a library of slat samples to find the right slat to fill your most difficult product.”



Hunter Manufacturing is your high-quality,

low-cost alternative for bottle filling change parts for the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Our slats are machined from superior normalized HDPE on our highly precise CNC machines. They comply with all industry

standards - no validation problems.

Our removable change slats can be custom designed specific to your product to ensure the highest percentage fill rate. Our slat fillers can handle tablets, capsules, soft gels and unusual shapes.


We supply a sample slat on all new orders, to ensure accuracy and performance before a full production run, and eliminating any unforeseen issues which might negatively impact optimal production. We can create a new design based on your specific product, or exactly duplicate replacement sets based on existing slat samples.

Our change slats offer quality workmanship, better finishes and easier cleaning solutions. Contact us today for slats for your King, Lasko, Merrill and other fillers.

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